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London Safeguarding Children Procedures and Practice Guidance

Updated: 30th September 2023

Welcome to the 7th Edition of the London Safeguarding Children Procedures.

Earlier this year, the Editorial Board published a new threshold document, previously agreed by the London Safeguarding Children Partnership. All London partnerships / agencies have been asked to adopt this document to ensure consistency across London. There will be multi-agency training provided during the course of the autumn on the use of the threshold document. Any requests for amendments or additions to the threshold document will be considered by the Editorial Board in the same way as other changes to the procedures.

The Editorial Board has continued to negotiate a protocol for children moving out of the London area with representatives of local authorities in the surrounding areas. It is hoped that agreement will be reached before the end of the year.

A new chapter has been added to the procedures providing guidance on responding to concerns of sexual abuse. This provides an introduction to the online resources created by the Child Sexual Abuse Centre for all professionals working with children to help them understand the steps they can take to protect and support children and their families. The resources will be launched during the course of the autumn of 2023.

The following sections of the procedures have been updated this autumn - CP1, Responding to Abuse and Neglect; CP2, Referral And Assessment; CP3, Child Protection Enquiries; PG1, Roles and Responsibilities together with minor amendments across other chapters. Details of the changes to the procedures are to be found in the News Section to the left of your screen.

Six Monthly Updates:

The London Safeguarding Children Procedures are normally updated on a 6-monthly basis. The most recent update took place 30th September 2023 and the changes can be viewed in the section Amendments & Archives. he next update will be the 31st March 2024 - or the nearest working day. Any comments or suggested changes for this update should be forwarded to Victoria Hilliard, Co-ordinator, London Safeguarding Children Partnership ( by 1st February 2024.

The Editorial Board is co-chaired by:

  • Rashida Baig, Director of Childrens Safeguarding and Social Work London Borough of Camden; and
  • Laura Eden, Director of Safeguarding, London Borough of Islington.

The Editorial Board is supported by:
Steve Liddicott, consultant for the review of the Procedures.

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