Core Procedures

Caption: contents core procedures
  Responding to Abuse and Neglect  
  Referral and Assessment Updated
  Child Protection Enquiries - Section 47 Children Act 1989  
  Child Protection Conferences  
  Implementation of Child Protection Plans  
  Children and Families Moving Across Local Authority Boundaries  
  Allegations Against Staff or Volunteers (People in Positions of Trust), who Work with Children Updated
  Organised and Complex Abuse  
  Information Sharing Guidance New
  Risk Management of Known Offenders  

Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements (Roles and Responsibilities)

Caption: contents Safeguarding Partnership Arrangements
  Roles and Responsibilities  
  Safe Recruitment and Selection, and the Management of Adults who Work with Children Updated
  Learning and Improvement Framework Updated
  Resolving Professional Differences  
  Local Safeguarding Children Partnerships - under review  
  Child Death Reviews New
  Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews New
  Complaints in Relation to Child Protection Conference New
  Quality Assurance Updated
  Criminal Injuries Compensation  

Safeguarding Practice Guidance

Caption: contents Safeguarding Practice Guidance
  Accessing Information from Abroad  
  Animal Abuse and Links to Abuse of Children and Vulnerable Adults  
  A Child Focussed Approach to Safeguarding  
  Child Protection Plans  
  Dangerous Dogs and Safeguarding Children  
  Diplomats Families  
  Domestic Abuse  
  Extremist Ideology  
  Fabricated or Induced Illness/Perplexing Presentations  
  Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)  
  Fire Setting  
  Forced Marriage of a Child  
  Gang Activity / Serious Youth Violence  
  Harmful Behaviour  
  Historical Abuse  
  Home Alone  
  'Honour' Based Violence  
  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based Forms of Abuse  
  Interpreters / Communication Facilitators  
  Learning Disability (Parenting Capacity)  
  Licensed Premises  
  Living Away from Home - under review  
  Mental Illness (Parenting Capacity)  
  Missing Families  
  Missing from Care, Home or Education  
  Not Attending School  
  Parents who Misuse Substances Updated
  Prison Visits  
  Psychiatric Ward Visits  
  Resistant Families  
  Self Harm and Suicidal Behaviour  
  Sexual Exploitation  
  Sexually Active Children  
  Spiritual, Cultural and Religious Beliefs Updated
  Teenage Parents  
  Trafficked and Exploited Children  
  Young Carers  

Appendices and Protocols

Caption: contents appendices
  Appendix 1: Links to relevant legislation  
  Appendix 2: Third sector agencies or community groups keeping children safe  
  Appendix 3: Faith community contacts and resources  
  Appendix 4: Triangle chart for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families  
  Appendix 5: Use of questionnaires and scales to evidence assessment and decision making  
  Appendix 6: MOD contacts  
  Appendix 7: A guide to the acronyms used in these procedures